Leroy’s College Challenge Week 8

  • Week 1: 3-4
  • Week 2: 2-5
  • Week 3: 5-2
  • Week 4: 5-2
  • Week 5: 2-5
  • Week 6: 6-1
  • Week 7: 2-5

Just when I’m about to turn the corner, I hit another wall.  After going a combined 18-10 the last 4 weeks, it was another soul-crossing 2-5 week.  It will now take a miracle to reach the top 10 in the overall contest. My sights are now set on the Last 4 Weeks contest, which I talked about last week, and that starts next week until the end of the season.

Once again, most of my picks were not close- UNC, WMU, ULL and Wash all got blown out more or less. NW continues to disappoint and there is no excuse there, the Cats should have absolutely covered and probably won that game.  I think this is the 3rd time this season NW has been shut out in the 2nd half of games.  Not sure how that happens, but we move on.  NC State was in an amazing situational spot last week and won outright and Ball State won, even though I didn’t even bet that game.

Onto this week we go.  There really wasn’t too much on the card I liked outside of UGA over Florida.  I think Georgia wins out and takes the SEC East title and this would be a big win for Richt and the Bulldogs.


My Week 8 picks are:

  • UNC -6.5 vs. Wake
  • Clemson -3.5 at GT
  • Purdue +13.5 at Michigan
  • Illinois +4.5 at Penn State
  • Iowa State +14.5 at Texas Tech
  • Georgia -2.5 vs. Florida
  • UCLA +5.5 vs. Cal


Again, not too much else on the card, though of my picks, I do think UCLA and Illinois win outright.  The real contest for me starts next week with the Final 4 Week contest where I hope to defend my title.

Until next week…


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