Leroy’s College Challenge Week 7

  • Week 1: 3-4
  • Week 2: 2-5
  • Week 3: 5-2
  • Week 4: 5-2
  • Week 5: 2-5
  • Week 6: 6-1

Finally, a rock solid week. 6-1.. woohoo!!! Think I’m finally starting to see things clearly.  Only game I lost was UNC -2.5 and they decided to take the 1st half off.  MSU, VT, ECU, Nevada all cruised, while Navy lost but covered, while Virginia knocked off GT as a 8.5 point home underdog.

This week was needed in the worst way, as I’m now back over .500 on the season, though still need two or three more 5-2 or better weeks in a row before the last 4 week stretch starts in November.  Another nice part about this contest is the Last 4 weeks contest. Whoever has the most wins over the last 4 weeks gets 10% of the overall prize pool. I won that last year by going 5-2, 6-1, 7-0 & 5-2 over the last 4 weeks which equated to about $3500 in prize money, so even if you won’t cash in the overall contest, the last 4 weeks is still there to make some money.

Onto this week… Maybe this is a good problem to have, but I had a hard time snipping teams from my list as about 11 caught my eye.  I went with the 7 below, but left off some goodies.


My Week 7 Picks are:

  • NC State +4.5 at Virginia
  • UNC +10.5 at Clemson
  • Western Michigan -12.5 at Eastern Michigan
  • Ball State -1.5 vs. Central Michigan
  • Northwestern +3.5 vs. Penn State
  • Washington +20.5 at Stanford
  • UL Lafayette -3 at Western Kentucky


Now, what’s strange is that I’m not betting the Ball State game, but because I couldn’t decide between my other leans, I just decided to throw that one into the mix, especially now because the Ball State line is creeping up towards 3.  My leans that I didn’t play are: Florida State, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois.

I am hoping I go 7-0 with my picks and 0-4 with the leans. Actually, I don’t want that because I bet all four of my leans at different numbers that were available at the contest, which is something I’ve touched on in a previous post. I really don’t like how Leroy’s typically rounds down with the hook. Perfect example is Northwestern +3.5.  NW was a 4 or 4.5 favorite just about the entire week, but for the contest, it got rounded down to 3.5. That same reasoning is why Missouri at +6.5 didn’t make the card, but Missouri +7.5 made my betting card.

For the record, out of the six games on my card that I did bet, I got a better number on ALL six of them.

Hopefully the hook won’t be my demise this week.

Until next week…


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