Leroy’s College Challenge Week 4

  • Week 1: 3-4
  • Week 2: 2-5
  • Week 3:  5-2

Well, well, so this is what a winning week feels like.  I can tell you- it feels good.. real good.

I may or may not have gotten lucky on the Syracuse -2.5 pick considering when I saw the XP go “in”, I knew it had missed. Maybe the gambling gods were simply apologizing for some of the 2nd half meltdowns I have had so far this year (ND v UM, A&M v Okie State), but nonetheless, I’ll take it.

The most underrated bet I had was ULL +17 at FIU. I figured they had a good shot to win outright, but didn’t take a flyer on the +525 ML at all 😦  Either way one of my losses was Arkansas +11.5, but really, how does one handicap a fake FG, INT return and Punt return all for touchdowns?  Hogs probably were never going to win the game, but I could have gotten the cover if those 3 things didn’t happen.

My other loss was the second best meltdown of this young season as A&M took a 20-3 halftime lead at home, only to not score again until the waning moments of the 4th quarter.  Again, I thought I capped this game pretty good, when a Mike Sherman team simply lays down, it really lays down.

I didn’t really like this week’s card on Monday and Tuesday, but when I submitted my picks, I felt pretty good about them.  I also came to a revelation. I usually bet against the public, but since the public has been cleaning up the first month of the season, I have refused to let some of these really easy, but I’m scared to take them because everyone and their Mom is on them, games pass me by, which is why you will see games like Georgia Tech and Alabama on this week’s card.  Hey, if you can’t beat em, join em…


My week 4 picks are:

  • Northwestern +7.5 at Illinois
  • Rutgers +2.5 at Syracuse
  • Georgia Tech -9.5 at NC State
  • Colorado -2.5 vs. Washington State
  • Alabama -3.5 at Florida
  • Hawaii +3.5 at La Tech
  • Virginia Tech -6.5 vs. Clemson


I fell in love with Duke +3.5 late yesterday, but my picks have already been locked. For the record, I would of taken off Hawaii and put on the Blue Devils, so let’s see how much cash that will cost me at seasons’ end.

Until next week…


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