Leroy’s College Challenge Week 3

  • Week 1: 3-4
  • Week 2: 2-5


Not the best week.. of course I write about making sure I go 3-4 or better each week and come out and lay an egg. Still a long way to go, marathon not a sprint and you can definetly afford 1 or 2 2-5 weeks, but have to turn it around this week and I actually like the card.

What’s funny is my 5 losses weren’t even close. Completely mis-read Ole Miss and Mich State, Florida State could have gone either way, Ohio State looked like complete ass and TCU had 1 bad quarter otherwise I would have cashed that one.


My week 3 picks are:

  • Syracuse -2.5 vs. Toledo
  • Arkansas +11.5 at Alabama
  • Washington -1.5 vs. Cal
  • UCLA +4.5 vs. Oregon State
  • Texas A&M -4.5 vs. Oklahoma State
  • Arizona State -2.5 vs. USC
  • UL Laf +16.5 at Florida International


There were also some leans- I liked Florida State, San Diego State, Oregon and Wyoming, but didn’t know who to take out..

I’d love a 5-2 or better card and feel real good about it..


Until next week…



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