Leroy’s College Football Challenge Week 2

So should have created a post for week 1, but basically I will keep tabs on how I do each week in the Leroy’s College Football Challenge contest each week.

I finished tied for 5th last year and tied for 1st in the Last 4 weeks mini-contest.  I was surprised to see the amount of entries dip by just over 100 contestants, considering the Hilton’s SuperContest reported record numbers. CFB to me seems way easier to beat and the payoff for finishing in the top 10 off a $250 entry fee is a pretty positive EV.

OK, so Results..

Week 1: Went 3-4.. Lost by 1/2 point on UGA (had them at +2.5 in the contest)- Contest doesn’t allow ties and typically the 3’s, 7’s etc. are chopped down to 2.5’s and 6.5’s. However, I did 1 game by 1/2 point as I had Vandy -2.5 and they won by 3.  Last year I lost 9 games by 1/2 point and didn’t win a single game by 1/2 point, so hopefully the gambling gods are with me this season.


Onto week 2:  Just submitted my picks.  They are:

  • Ole Miss -1.5 at Vandy
  • Michigan State +4.5 at Notre Dame
  • Texas Tech -20.5 at New Mexico
  • Illinois -1.5 vs. Arizona State
  • Florida State +3.5 vs. Oklahoma
  • Ohio State +3.5 at Miami
  • TCU -28.5 vs. UL Monroe

Really, the goal in this contest is not to get discouraged and try as best you can not to have a really bad week. One or two 1-6 weeks can really crush you. During the end of October 2010, I had b2b weeks of 2-5 and 1-6 and basically though my contest dreams ended. I finished November with a 5-2, 6-1, 7-0 and 5-2 record which jumped me all the way to 5th.  So consistency is the key here. 4-3 or 3-4 weeks are fine, sprinkle in some 5-2 and a 6-1 and that should be good enough to cash.


Will report back on how I did and look ahead to week 3 next week.





2 Responses to Leroy’s College Football Challenge Week 2

  1. Harry Weiner says:

    What happened to the update?

  2. trackthebet says:

    You read my mind.. just got posted

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