USA Today Coaches Poll First Impressions

The USA Today Top 25 Coaches Poll came out today. You can view the entire top 25 here. 

Typically, I’m not a fan of pre-season rankings and think there shouldn’t be any rankings released until October 1, you know, after we’ve actually SEEN teams play and can make INFORMED judgements.  Below are some initial thoughts on the poll.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments section or find me on Twitter @TracktheBet


SEC Teams a bit too high

Now, no one is debating that the SEC isn’t the best conference, because it is.  But some of these teams either need to be lower or not on the list at all.  #4 LSU seems about 10 spots too high. Tigers finished last year #8 and lost their best defensive player, have a MUCH more difficult schedule and still have Jordan Jefferson and his 7/10 TD/INT ratio as the QB.  Also, Auburn, Georgia & Florida ranked at all? This is baffling. Auburn, while coming off a dream season, returns a total number of starters that I can count on one hand & will play a top 10 schedule. Georgia, coming off an unimpressive 6-7 season, loses its only deep threat at WR in AJ Green and has major depth issues at the RB and OL positions. While Florida, returning a total of 9 starters (including a mere 3 on defense), is changing schemes on both sides of the ball. Now, I’m not saying these teams couldn’t potentially make the top 25, but to include them in the pre-season seems a bit ridiculous.


Texas?  Texas?

I assume the pundits at ESPN were allowed to vote online for this one?  This might be the first time a team finished under .500 in the Regular Season the year before and is ranked the following pre-season.  The Longhorns only return 10 starters (including 4 on offense and 2 on the OL), and while the talent is still there, why on Earth are we assuming Texas is going to rebound to 8 or 9 wins?  The schedule isn’t that easy, there’s a new defensive scheme and a new offensive coordinator and, oh yea, they won 5 games last year.  Just mind-boggling.


Too High Teams

  • Stanford: Even with Luck returning. Losing Harbaugh and those major players off the OL might drag the Cardinal down to the teens
  • Florida State: All the talent in the world.  I’ll believe the top 5 ranking when I see it
  •  Oklahoma State: A top 10 ranking basically means 10-2 or better. Vegas has OSU’s season win total at 8. I’ll let you decide which outlet to believe


Too Low Teams

  • Wisconsin: With the addition of Russel Wilson and his surrounding cast, think 10-2 or better is a good possibility
  • Virginia Tech: Not because of the returning talent (not that much), but because the schedule is just so darn easy
  • West Virginia: Not ranked? You saw what Dana Holgorsen did at Oklahoma State. WVU should run away with the Big East title and into the top 25

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