B1G Leaders Predictions and Situations

College Football is now just 31 days away.  Woo!!  That said, I’ll be posting my breakdowns of the BCS conferences over the next couple of weeks.  And as always, for all my picks for the upcoming season, visit www.CopeMoney.com


B1G Leaders Division

1. Wisconsin 10-2 (6-2)
2. Ohio State 9-3 (6-2)
3. Penn State 8-4 (5-3)
4. Illinois 8-4 (4-4)
5. Purdue 7-5 (4-4)
6. Indiana 4-8 (1-7)

Wisconsin- With Russell Wilson think this is the team to beat in the B1G- he brings a running dynamic that you typically don’t have to worry about with other Wisky teams. Wisconsin, of course, will have solid RBs and OL play. Defense should be pretty good as well.

Play Against: vs. Purdue- I know this is a home game for the Badgers, but coming off b2b weeks @MSU and @OSU, not sure how much is left in the tank. Purdue should be catching double digits here.


Ohio State- Even without Pryor and the other tat 4, this team is still very talented, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Schedule isn’t THAT hard.. @Miami & MSU before the other suspended players get back- @Neb when they do. Should be decent, but hard to predict the mindset of this team.

Play Against: Couple to choose from, but I’ll go @ Nebraska- have to figure the Huskers will be fired up to play their first b10 home game and that might be on the heels of the whole nation seeing Wisconsin dominate Nebraska- so public stock in Husker nation might be low.


Penn State- This team needs to get its QB situation figured out, and then deal with a rebuilding OL and DL. Final 5 games are brutal: @Northwestern, Illinois, Neb, @OSU, @Wisconsin. PSU also plays Alabama, so if these issues aren’t figured out, PSU might be in some trouble.

Play Against: @Northwestern- Wildcats blew 21-0 lead in Happy Valley LY and I’m sure they want payback. Illini also on deck for PSU who embarrassed the Nittany Lions 33-13 in their own backyard.


Illinois-Illini have the ability to be sneaky good this yr. Love the QB- but need to find a workhorse RB and the ability to threaten* to throw the ball (111th in Pass LY). Defense should be decent, but also benefited from a +8 in TO margin. Schedule not hard either. Tricky October might be the difference (OSU, @Purdue, @PSU).

Play Against: @Purdue or @PSU- think the home game vs. OSU will be very telling as Illinois could be 7-0 if they take down the Buckeyes. Have to think facing those 2 teams back to back, on the road, both with revenge will be too much for Illini & Zook to handle.


Purdue- My sleeper from the B10. Team was decimated with injuries LY. Marve & Henry good 1/2 QB combo to keep D’s honest & RB Bolden comes back from ACL injury along with basically the entire OL. D will miss Kerrigan, but 9 starters are back including entire secondary, though they will have to improve on that 85th ranked pass D.

Play Against: Going to switch it up and say Play On Purdue vs. ND- Irish coming off monster 3 game stretch, @UM (at night), MSU (rival), Pitt (always play tough), along with Air Force on deck for the Irish, think if Boilers catching 6 or so, will be worth a play.


Indiana- The bottom of the B10 this year- breaking in new QB, only 9 total starters returning, nothing really to get excited about.

Play Against: vs. Virginia- Tricky early game for the Hoosiers- Cavs return 15 starters, including most at the skill position and 4 OL. I really like the direction Mike London has this team going and it would not surprise me to see the Cavs get the outright win here.


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