2011 Winter Updates

February 13, 2011

Haven’t updated in a couple months, wanted to give everyone a heads-up on the new features available with the software.


Deletion of Completed Bets
You now have the ability to delete completed bets. If you’ve entered in the wrong wager amount or selected the wrong team by accident, this allows you to erase that bet. To Delete, simply go to the View My Bets report, select the bet you wish to delete and click the Delete Selected Bets button. This will erase that bet from your record as well as your permanent bankroll.

Multi-Sport Parlays
Under the Make Picks section, you will see a new sport listed as All. This will allow you to see every game that’s being played on a specific day, regardless of sport, thus allowing you to make Multi-sport Parlays.

In the near future we hope to be releasing a mobile app of the software, making it easier for you to track your bets on the go, as well as some other reports and additional features.

Like always, if you have specific requests on features you’d like added to the software, please do not hesitate to contact us.