What Does Regulation of Online Gaming Actually Mean?

Just last week, a spokesperson for the Safe & Secure Gaming Initiative went on C-SPAN to discuss the legislation that was just passed by the House Financial Services Committee to legalize and regulate online poker, along with other casino games. Sports betting is not  included on this list, by the way (which irritates me and will be the focus of my next post).  There were many callers who voiced their concerns about gamblers and non-gamblers alike getting taxed by Big Brother.

To be clear, if and when the bill gets passed to regulate online poker and online casino games, there is no tax to the actual player or any citizen for playing the games. The operators (companies that own the gambling website) have to pay a tax.

The only tax the actual player has to pay would be on their winnings (which players already do). So this isn’t a ploy for the government to make more money off the gambler- but a way for states and the country to help erase its deficits.



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