Less Updating, More Analyzing; TracktheBet.com Goes Live to Help Sports Bettors Manage More Efficiently

March 29, 2010

TracktheBet.comCHICAGO, March 30, 2010 —  TracktheBet.com, a sports betting analytics company, today unveiled its 1.0 version to the general public after spending the past three months in private beta.  The software enables users to more efficiently and effectively manage their sports bets with multiple reports and alerts.

“With this release, TracktheBet.com becomes the first and only sports betting analytics company in the United States. Users now have the ability to record and analyze their sports wagers like never before. Overall Record, Total Profit and ROI are just a few of the metrics available with a TracktheBet subscription,” says Chris Copeland, CEO of TracktheBet.com.

TracktheBet.com is designed to help sports bettors gain invaluable insight into the bets they make on a day to day basis. Users can view their sports bets by:

  • Bet Type (Straight Wager, Parlay, Teaser)
  • Bet Line (Spread, Total, Moneyline)
  • Bet Category (Home Favorite, Road Favorite, Home Underdog, Road Underdog)
  • Conference
  • Division
  • Team

“By breaking down the wagers, users can now understand which bets they excel at, and which types of bets are costing them money,” explained Copeland. “Along with bet tracking capabilities, users can receive customized, daily e-mail alerts and Saved reports to help stay on top of their plays and monitor their money management. The proprietary software gives each user specific detail into his or her betting arsenal that was never before available to anyone but the Sportsbooks.”

TracktheBet.com offers two subscriptions; Comped (Free), which allows users to manage 20 bets per month, and Pro ($9.95/month), which allows users to track unlimited bets, as well as gain access to Saved Reports and daily Alerts.

To learn more about TracktheBet, visit www.trackthebet.com.

About TracktheBet

TracktheBet.com is a sports betting analytics company that allows users to manage their sports bets with different reports, graphs and alerts. Using this software, sports bettors can become more aware of their betting and money management habits.

For more information, please contact us at info@trackthebet.com